Find out about UCAS Progress for 11 – 16 and 11 – 18 schools. It's for providers that either send or receive students.

What is UCAS Progress?

UCAS is far more than just higher education. Through UCAS Progress, we offer young people a way to discover careers, search and apply for their 16 — 18 choices, and get comprehensive information and advice about the opportunities available to them.

For education providers, UCAS Progress plays a few different roles, depending on what you’re helping students do.


Schools (11 — 16)

Supporting young people as they plan for the future can be a difficult job. As a teacher or adviser, you want students to find what’s right for them: whether that’s A levels, BTECs, an apprenticeship, or something entirely different. But it can be a real challenge to give them a complete overview of the opportunities out there.

Did you know you can use UCAS Progress to support your students — for free? We offer a range of resources to use in the classroom, and an application management service.

Schools with sixth forms (11 — 18)

We appreciate you have a need, and a responsibility, to provide students with impartial information. This can be particularly challenging when you have an obligation to explain post-16 choices you don’t offer — to students you want to retain.

However, you also want to attract the best students for the places you have. To do that, you sometimes need to look beyond your school. In this case there’s a need to increase the number of eligible students you reach through your marketing efforts — which is where UCAS Progress can help.

Receiving colleges and training providers

As an education provider, you want to attract the best students to your courses. With the UCAS brand behind your marketing, and a comprehensive application and management information system allowing you to manage interest, you can increase the numbers you reach easily and efficiently. Visit our UCAS Progress terms of service page to find out more.


Local authorities

In England, all 16 and 17 year olds have to stay in education or training until they’re 18. In Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, students have to stay in school until they are 16. Wherever your students are, we’re here to help you to help them make the best next step.

Further information

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