We offer national, regional and sector/audience specific events right across the student decision-making cycle. With in-person and digital events on offer together for the first time, 2021-22 sees our biggest portfolio of events ever.

Essential events at key moments

Our suite of popular events is designed to help students, schools and parents as they navigate the journey from secondary school to higher education or into an apprenticeship. We offer all the information and inspiration they need, in a digestible and engaging format, just when they need it. 

Event dates and venues

Different events - explained

Find out more about the different types of events and exhibitor opportunities on offer:

In-person Discovery Days

With a mix of large flagship events and locally focused in-person exhibitions across the UK, you can target your perfect audience in the locations most important to you.

Virtual Discovery Days

These flexible online events give HE providers, employers and brands the opportunity to connect with students earlier and stay in contact with them more regularly at key moments throughout their school career.

Discover Subjects

Connect with students as they find out more about their subject of interest and translate ideas into more concrete plans, at our Discover Subjects events.

Discover Apprenticeships

Connect with students and promote your apprenticeships/careers to the next generation of talent