Advertising account executive

Advertising account executives provide the link between an advertising agency and its clients.

What does an advertising account executive do?

As an account executive, you would find out about the client's advertising goals then work with your agency's creative and planning staff to make sure effective advertising campaigns are produced. Tasks include:

  • meeting clients to discuss their advertising needs
  • working with account planners to come up with a campaign to meet the client's needs and budget
  • presenting campaign ideas and costs to clients
  • briefing the creative team that produces the words and artwork
  • solving problems and making sure that deadlines are met
  • checking and reporting on the campaign’s progress
  • keeping in contact with the client at all stages of the campaign
  • managing the account’s budget and invoicing the client
  • trying to win new business for the agency

You would normally handle about three or four accounts at the same time. You could work for a communication agency that deals with one or more types of advertising media. These could include:

  • digital
  • social media
  • mobile marketing
  • direct

What do I need to do to become an advertising account executive?

There is no fixed entry route to get into advertising. Most new advertising account executives have a degree and you can also get into this job through a Higher Level Apprenticeship.

As well as qualifications, personal skills and qualities like creativity, quick thinking and business sense are very important to employers.

As a graduate it’s possible to enter advertising with any degree, although some employers may prefer one more closely related to the industry, for example:

  • advertising
  • marketing
  • statistics or operational research
  • communication and media studies
  • business or management
  • psychology

Experience is highly valued by employers. It will also help you to get a better understanding of the industry meet new people and build up contacts. 

Related skills

  • Communication
  • Financial planning
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Teamwork
  • Time management

Academic route

  • Degree in a related subject

Vocational route

  • Higher Level Apprenticeship

Related subjects

  • Business studies
  • Media studies

Where to find out more

Where could I be working?

You’d be based in an office but may also travel to meet clients.

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