Glaziers work on clients' premises installing glass in windows, doors and other glazed units.

What does a glazier do?

On a glass replacement job, you would:

  • select the correct glass for the job, for example safety glass to go in a shop front or security glass for a bank
  • remove the old or broken panes, using tools like suction pads (for larger pieces), chisels and pliers
  • remove the beading or putty from frames
  • fit the new glass
  • make the fitting watertight using sealants, rubber strips, or lead and aluminium flashing

You could also be involved in the manufacture of glazed units, such as timber or UPVC-framed windows and doors. With experience, you may be able to use your skills on specialist projects, for example on churches or restoring listed buildings.

What do I need to do to become a glazier?

You don’t always need formal qualifications to become a glazier but employers usually want you to have some on-site experience. If you have not worked in construction before, you could look for a job as a glazier's assistant or labourer. Once you’re working, your employer may be willing to offer you glazing training.

You may be able to start in this career through a construction apprenticeship. 

Related skills

  • Customer service
  • Numeracy
  • Physical fitness
  • Teamwork

Vocational route

  • Construction apprenticeship

Where to find out more

Where could I be working?

Some jobs involve working at heights from ladders, scaffolding or suspended cradles.

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