Choosing a teacher training programme

There are many different routes into teaching, so think about what’s best for you and your career aspirations. Here's some help.
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Routes into teaching

Routes into teaching | Get Into Teaching
Liam and Laura speak about school-led and university-led teacher training, and the benefits of each. Video provided by Get Into Teaching.
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What do you want to do?

  • What subject or subjects?
  • What age group do you want to teach?
  • Do you want to study full-time or part-time?
  • Where do you want to live?
  • Which UK country do you want to train and teach in?
Although all ITET programmes will qualify you to be a teacher, there are differing levels of qualifications that can be achieved. These are explained below, so think about what’s best for you and your career aspirations.

Before you start your search...

Think about the qualifications and experience you need to already have to secure a place on a teacher training programme.

  • Check your chosen training provider has spaces on its training programmes – We suggest you contact your chosen training providers to check they’re still recruiting before adding them as a choice on your application.
  • Check the entry requirements – you'll have to meet these to apply. Remember, you can speak to your chosen schools and teacher training providers to find out more information before applying.
  • Decide which age group and subject you would like to teach.
  • Look into the different routes – take time to research the different routes available, and think about which routes would suit you. We've created a video about the different routes available to help you think through the differences between the types of training, with insight from teachers.

Register with Get Into Teaching – for advice and information about teaching and a tailored programme of support through your application process.

Once you're ready to start searching...

Use our search tool to begin your search for training programmes.

Find training programmes starting in 2017

  • If you want to search by the route into teaching

    Use the 'all training programme types' filter and select one of the following options:

    • Higher education programme
    • SCITT programme
    • School Direct training programme
    • School Direct training programme (salaried)

    School Direct training programmes, including those run by SCITTs, are listed under 'School Direct training programme' or 'School Direct training programme (salaried)'. SCITT training programmes will be under the name of the SCITT.

  • If you want to search for a specific provider

    If you have a specific training provider in mind and you know that's where you want to apply, simply search for them by name and don't apply any other filters. You’ll be presented with the search listings for programmes they offer. Additionally, if your chosen training provider also accredits programmes for other training providers, these details will be provided.

    If the training provider doesn't appear, it may be because they are not recruiting at the moment – training providers can open and close programmes throughout the cycle. To see the full list of training programmes (whether they have vacancies or not), use the 'All training programmes, with or without vacancies' filter.

  • If you want to search by the subject or age group you want to teach

    Use the 'all age ranges' and 'all subjects' filters to refine your search.

  • If you want to apply to teach languages

    There are a number of ways to search, as they're listed in different ways. You can:

    • search by the specific language (for example, Chinese, French, German)
    • search by the broader 'language' options – there are four to choose from: 'Languages', 'Languages (African)', 'Languages (Asian), and 'Languages (European)'.

    The category the programmes are listed under will depend on how the provider has set it up. Therefore, if you want to study French, we would suggest doing three searches using 'French', 'Languages' and 'Languages (European)', to make sure you don't miss any relevant programmes.

  • If you want to make sure you'll get a specific qualification

    Use the 'all outcomes' filter. All the training programmes offered through UCAS Teacher Training results in at least a recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status or an equivalent. A PGCE is available through most school-led and all university-led training courses. Find out more about the awards.

Once you hit the search button...

... you'll be presented with your results!

Click the name of the training programme to find more details – such as entry requirements – to establish if it matches your qualifications.

If you decide you'd like to apply for the programme, contact your chosen training provider to make sure they have spaces on their training programmes. If they do, you can add the choice in Apply.