If you've met and exceeded conditions for your firm choice, you might be thinking about looking for an alternative course.

How to use Adjustment

If you've met and exceeded the conditions of your conditional firm offer, you may be able to use Adjustment to find an alternative course. This guide explains what Adjustment means and whether you're eligible.

You might be happy where you are, but with our Adjustment service, it's possible you could swap where you're studying. So if you're curious, take a look at what's available.

Use our Adjustment service to find alternative courses

Adjustment is a chance for you to reconsider where and what to study. If you've had a conditional firm choice accepted – and therefore made into an unconditional firm choice – you could potentially swap your place for one on another course you prefer.

Adjustment is available from A level results day, until 18 August 2021.

It's entirely optional, and a lot of competitive courses will be full – but other applicants might have missed their conditions or swapped a course too, so it could be worth seeing what's available.

  • If you try Adjustment but you don't find anything, you'll still keep the course you gained on results day.
  • You'll see the option to register in Track. Your original UF choice will be safe while you're looking for another – you'll only lose it if you confirm you'd like to go elsewhere and the new university/college adds themselves to your application.
  • If originally you only applied for one course for the reduced fee of £20, you'll have to pay the additional £6 to apply to more courses.

How to use Adjustment

You register for Adjustment in Track.

You only have five 24-hour periods (including weekends) within this time to use it, starting from when your conditional firm (CF) offer changes to unconditional firm (UF), or on A level publication day – whichever is the later. If your offer goes UF less than five days before 18 August 2021, you'll only have whatever time is left between then and 18 August.

1. Ask for advice

Talk to an adviser at your school, college, centre or careers office – they can help you decide if Adjustment would be a good idea for you.

2. Register

Click 'Register for Adjustment' on the choices screen in Track – remember you need to have met and exceeded the conditions of your firm offer – see examples of how this works below.

Offer Meeting and exceeding your offer Not meeting and exceeding your offer
A level BBB A level ABB A level BBC or A level BBBB
96 Tariff points including C in French 96 Tariff points including B in French 112 Tariff points including D in French
SQA Higher BCC SQA Higher ABC SQA Higher ACD

If you register for Adjustment in error, don't worry – as long as you don't contact any other unis about applying through Adjustment, you'll stay with your firm choice. After the five day period has finished, the Adjustment info will disappear.

3. Talk to any unis or colleges you're interested in

There's no vacancy list for Adjustment – you'll need to check course details using the search tool and contact admissions offices at unis and colleges to talk about any possible vacancies.

  • Tell them you're applying through Adjustment and give them your Personal ID. (They won't be able to see your application unless you've registered.)
  • They'll check you've met and exceeded your conditions. (Remember if you contact them on results day there could be a short delay while your application is updated.)
  • Talk to them about course vacancies, but be careful to confirm that you're just gathering information at this stage – only verbally agree an offer with a university or college if you're absolutely sure you want it.

4. See if there's an offer you want to accept

  • If a uni or college offers you a place over the phone, you just need to let them know if you'd like to accept it. Remember you can only have one Adjustment offer, and it's the university or college that will add themselves to your application.
  • Only verbally accept one offer, and make sure it's the right one!
  • If they're happy to accept you, your Track screen will be updated with the new choice.  
  • If not, you can keep on looking, or once your Adjustment time limit is up, you'll just keep your original place.
  • Finding somewhere you'll be happy to live is an important consideration when you're deciding where you want to study. To help you make the right choice, use our accommodation search to research your options and find both uni and private student accommodation.