More than 50,000 students find their places through Clearing every year.

We know that finding out you don’t have a place at university or college or deciding to apply late can be stressful.

But you’re not alone and you’re not out of options. More than 50,000 students find their places through Clearing every year, and plenty more choose apprenticeships, internships, gap years, or employment too. This year won’t be any different.

Let’s start with university and college.

We can help you secure a place in three simple steps:

  1. From 5 July, check our listings of available courses

    Almost every university participates in Clearing. There are still thousands of courses to choose from in our search tool.
  2. Contact your new choices directly

    Get in touch with the university or college directly to see if they will accept you for the course you’re interested in.
  3. Add your Clearing choice in your application

    Once you have an offer, add it in your application so the university or college can officially accept you. Congratulations, you’re in!

Need some inspiration?

If you’ve already applied and find yourself in Clearing, you can sign in to your application to see courses you’ve been matched to and might like. 

More about your Clearing matches

What if I don’t want to go to university or college any more?

Whether you had your heart set on a place you didn’t get, or you’ve changed your mind since you applied, university isn’t right for everybody. There are lots of other ways to gain experience, qualifications, and find the right career for you.


Do you like the idea of working, earning, and learning at the same time?

Apprenticeships give you the opportunity to start work immediately while still training towards your qualifications.

More on apprenticeships


Do you want experience of a job before committing to it long-term?

Internships are short bursts of work experience that allow you to better understand a job, profession, or sector.

More on internships

Gap years

Do you want a break from education and time to consider your options?

Gap years give you the opportunity to build real life skills and experiences whilest deciding on your future.

More on gap years


If you decide you want to go straight into work, we can also help you find the perfect career.

If you have any questions about your application or your plans for the future, you can contact us directly. We’ll get you to the right person to discuss your application and choices. 

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