Keeping up with the changes as they happen.

We know that your studies this year have been tougher than ever. There has been a lot to stay on top of, but the finish line is in sight. 

With things still changing, it can feel overwhelming to keep up. But we have you covered. 

Here’s what’s going to happen over the summer: 

25 June Scotland submit provisional results
2 July Wales submit centre assessed grades
5 July Clearing opens
10 August Results Day and confirmation of places


You can also look over JCQ's helpful infographic for more information. 


Regardless of some students being given their provisional grades already, nothing will happen until 10 August when everybody has their actual results.  

If you’re wondering why Clearing opens a month before Results Day, it’s because there are lots of students who gain entry to university in alternative ways. They may have deferred or be a mature student and are using existing results, or they may be students with different qualifications that are awarded before 10 August. Students who only have provisional grades won’t be able to use Clearing until Results Day.
England and Northern Ireland won’t be releasing their provisional grades early, so you’ll find out on Results Day. Don’t worry, this doesn’t impact your application in any way.

The bottom line is that your offers are safe. 

Those students who already have their provisional grades won’t be able to confirm their offers or snap up all of the places first, so don’t make any rash decisions or worry about whether your applications are still valid. They are. You don’t need to do anything. 

But, if you want to spend your time between now and results day productively, here’s what you can do: 

Familiarise yourself with Clearing: If you think you might still want to change your choices, get familiar with how Clearing works. It will be the place where you can see your alternatives on results day.  

Explore apprenticeships: And if you think you might change your plans altogether, make sure you check out Apprenticeships. There are more options than you think. 

Brush up on the processes which apply to you: When it comes to results day, you may be unhappy with the grades you’ve been assigned. Don’t fret. There is a robust appeals process in place, one for each of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Familiarise yourself with the process for your country now, so that if you find yourself needing to use it, it will be easier when the time comes.  

Remember that if you appeal it means that your grades are completely reassessed. They can go up or down. Bear this in mind and make your decision carefully. Speak to your teachers and parents in the first instance.

These pages include information about appeals, grade awarding, autumn assessments, and much more. It’s worth bookmarking your country’s page: 

And ask questions: Remember that none of your questions are silly and they’ve probably all been asked before! Head on over to our Clearing FAQs to check. 

For anything else, we’re here to help. Don’t sit on your questions. Ask us

The only other thing to do right now is relax, enjoy the summer, spend time with your friends and family, and allow yourself to be excited about what’s coming next!