How to become a Maths teacher: Dina's story

Meet Dina, 24, from Northampton. Find out about her life as a Maths teacher. Part of the BBC Bitesize World of work series.

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Being a young teacher means children relate to me more and I can to them!

  • Dina studied Maths at GCSE and A-level and enjoyed the logical nature of it. It was a natural step for her to study it at degree level at university.
  • She thought she would work in accounting or actuarial science but soon realised that a nine-to-five career in an office didn't suit her.
  • She chose to do teaching training instead (a PGCE, which is a post-graduate course) and has never regretted her decision! She loves interacting with her students and, although it can be stressful, she finds it very rewarding.

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