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Please note we have four different types of application, so make sure you choose and log in to the right one.

You can only send one application in any scheme, even if it's for a deferred place. Further applications will be cancelled without refund.

If you're not sure what you'd like to study, please explore your options here.

UCAS Undergraduate

Apply for undergraduate courses:

  • apart from undergraduate performing arts which you apply for below
  • for operational reasons this route also includes MA courses in social work, nursing and medicine

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UCAS Teacher Training

Apply for postgraduate teacher training programmes in England and Wales:

  • run by universities and colleges, or schools offering School Direct programmes
  • if you're looking for teacher training at undergraduate level or postgraduate programmes in Scotland, please use the UCAS undergraduate route instead

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CUKAS Performing arts

Apply for performing arts courses:

  • any music, dance or drama course managed by the Conservatoires UK Admissions Service (CUKAS)
  • at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels

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UCAS Postgraduate

Apply for postgraduate courses:

  • some courses through our UKPASS application service, and we have contact details you can use to apply to others
  • however, for postgraduate teacher training please use UCAS Teacher Training, and for postgraduate performing arts use the Performing arts route
  • for MA courses in social work, nursing and medicine, please use the UCAS Undergraduate scheme 

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