Postgraduate courses can help you progress or change your career. Find out what the options are and how to apply.

Postgraduate study might be the ideal investment in reaching the career you want – either strengthening your knowledge and skills, or taking on a new career direction.

How UCAS can help

There are many different types of postgraduate study, so first we’ll show you what’s available. Then if you decide to apply, we’ll show you which application route you'll need to follow.

To get started, take a look at our interactive PDF guides, containing all the things you'll need to think about if you're considering postgraduate study:

Different applications

You can find postgraduate courses in this section of the website – some of which you can apply for through UCAS Postgraduate, and some of which you apply for directly to the course provider.

However, for some specific postgraduate courses you should apply through other areas of the website:

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