Reach the right students on the right channels. We’re one of the biggest education sites in the UK – we're ahead of Google when it comes to students seeking information about higher education options.

Targeted advertising through our unrivalled data

Develop a bespoke digital campaign with UCAS, the trusted higher education and apprenticeships brand. From email and direct mail to social media and display, connect your brand to students when they're most engaged.

Choose the audience you want to reach and how you’d like to reach them – we’ll work with you to create smart, high-quality messaging that blends seamlessly into their online experience and delivers proven ROI.

Getting the competitive edge with campaigns

Get in front of your target audience with UCAS. Exceed brand awareness benchmarks and make informed decisions on your campaigns with Multichannel Campaigns.

We reach the right audience through UCAS so it takes the guesswork out of targeting, and can track performance easily through the reports.

Rachel Hudson, Head of Campaign Strategy, University of Coventry

Reach the right students on the right channels

  • We use bespoke data to target particular audience groups through the digital channels we know they use.
  • Target specific audiences to meet your diversity, equality and inclusion targets.
  • Our team uses their years of experience to ensure your creatives get attention and generate action.
  • We’ll deliver intelligent digital messaging which fits into their online experience at exactly the right time.
Driving conversion
We helped a prestigious publishing company to raise awareness and drive student subscriptions using a digital campaign. A seamless combination of direct mail, content articles and display ads timed across the student journey achieved 4,500 conversions in year 1 alone. Based on our joint success, the partnership was extended.

2.9x higher engagement rate using multichannel campaigns

Tailor your digital campaign across the student journey

1. Raise awareness

During the discovery stage of a student’s journey, we use a range of channels to share relevant information and brands with them, raising awareness and directing them to your content.

2. Boost consideration

In the application stage, we focus our communications to drive traffic to your site. With strong click-through rates to conversion content, you'll be reaching students who are ready to take action.

3. Achieve conversion

We then focus multi-channel activity on conversion – at the times students need to source equipment and study resources, confirm their course and a place to live – plus finance, travel and lifestyle subscriptions.



Explore our channels in detail

On-demand performance data in one place

As part of any digital campaign, you’ll get access to TapClicks, our online dashboard where you can view your performance at any time. This is provided automatically for any campaign you run with us, free of charge.

With daily performance updates, you’ll have the most up-to-date information available when it suits you.

You can view online, or download different reports to PDF, CSV or PPT, by channel, chart/table or as a whole – a quick and handy way to present the results visually and share achievements with your colleagues.

UCAS is the number one source for finding different universities and courses. 85% of students cited UCAS as their go-to source, ahead of Google (68%), online forums (56%), university open days (55%), league tables (46%), and comparison sites (44%)

Student Room insight – experiences of 2022 entry students



Increasing market share

To raise awareness and drive new student bank account openings, a high street bank commissioned a high-impact digital campaign with UCAS – including paid media, bespoke emails, and display ads on As a result they ranked first of 12 banks for two years running in student account market share.


Get in touch to discuss your bespoke campaign

If you’d like to arrange a digital campaign with us – or find out more about our channels – contact our experts so we can discuss your needs.

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