Be front, be centre, and be first – with bold advertising opportunities across UCAS’ website and portals. Reach millions of young minds and their most important influencer groups - all planning for higher education, apprenticeships or careers.

Nowhere better to reach your market

There’s nothing like bold creatives and big spreads when it comes to brand awareness. And with 700,000 applicants using our online portals every application cycle, there’s nowhere better to reach your market. Display advertising opportunities across the UCAS website, inside the UCAS Hub and at the heart of a student’s application give you the flexibility to reach exactly who you want, when you want, how you want.

  • Need to get your message in front of young people in London during summer?
  • Looking to get on freshers’ radars with part-time job opportunities in Manchester?
  • Or do you just want every student in the UK to know exactly who you are?
  • We’ve got you covered.

700,000 applicants use the UCAS portal every application cycle.

Build brand awareness and get front-of-mind for students

  • Book early and beat the competition to secure brand loyalty first.
  • Generate inbound leads at strategic times of the year.
  • Target students and applicants based on their searches, interests, location, and more.
  • Reach 1.8 million monthly visitors.
  • Get qualified traffic with 0.1=2% average CTR


Choose the best place to display your ads

1. UCAS Home

Reach every UCAS visitor by taking pole position on our homepage, alongside trusted and valued content seen by over 900k people every single month.

2. UCAS Application

Target students within their application – where they’re focused and engaged – at key decision points throughout the cycle.

3. UCAS Hub

Get your message to students whilst they’re planning, making notes, and organising their next steps inside the Hub. It’s their personalised thinking place where big decisions are made, and you could be a part of it. 


Get creative

The sky’s the limit when it comes to what can be achieved with display advertising. As long as it fits in the gap, then let your creative teams loose.



Here's how it works

  1. Choose where you want your advertising to appear.
  2. Choose your launch date and advertising timeline.
  3. Set any filters for targeting, like specific locations or keywords.
  4. Send us your artwork and let us do the rest.
  5. We’ll send you updates on performance and we can review together on completion.

Reach 1.8 monthly visitors on

Track your results on TapClicks

As part of any digital campaign, you’ll get access to TapClicks, our online dashboard where you can view your performance at any time. This is provided automatically for any campaign you run with us, free of charge.

With daily performance updates, you’ll have the most up-to-date information available when it suits you.

You can view online, or download different reports to PDF, CSV or PPT, by channel, chart/table or as a whole – a quick and handy way to present the results visually and share achievements with your colleagues.


Let’s talk display

Contact us today to scope out how our display advertising can help you reach the right people.

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