We support international tutors, agents and advisers, on top of processing applications to hundreds of universities and colleges in the UK.

UCAS jargon buster

Confused by the terms UCAS uses? This short video explains what they all mean.

UCAS applications to UK higher education

What is UCAS' role?

We are the official online admissions service for UK universities and colleges – we are a non-profit organisation and have registered charity status. We work on behalf of the universities, connecting people to higher education.

What we do:

  • Process applications
  • Provide fraud and verification services
  • Provide information, advice and training
  • Conduct education sector engagement
  • Signpost to other resources

What we don't do:

  • Suggest courses/universities
  • Make decisions/offers
  • Advise on finance/immigration/visas

Become a UCAS registered centre

We support international guidance councellors, tutors, agents and advisers, on top of processing applications to hundreds of universities and colleges in the UK.

To help you manage your students' applications to UK universities, you can become a UCAS registered centre and use Apply for advisers, which enables you to link students to your centre. It's free to become a centre – stay up-to-date with the latest news with our monthly newsletters. We'll also provide you with online toolkits to help with the application process.

Agents become UCAS centres in a slightly different way

It’s the same registration as becoming a UCAS centre – with the same benefits above – we just ask you to provide a reference from one of our member universities or colleges in the UK.

  • This shows you are committed to helping students apply to study here.
  • Universities and colleges can then easily monitor applications from your agency.

We are keen to work with any agents who work with our member universities and colleges in the UK. If you have any questions about registering as a UCAS centre, email us at schools@ucas.ac.uk.

International events

We also attend many events so you, your students and their parents can ask us about higher education and UCAS applications.

Resources and advice

To really help your students, you will need to know and advise on the following:

To keep up-to-date with UCAS, sign up for our newsletter

You may also be interested in the benefits of becoming a UCAS registered centre. There are currently over 10,500 registered centres worldwide, including 4,200 schools, education consultancies, and other organisations outside the UK.


UCAS Conservatoires applicants manage their own applications. Referees are contacted by the applicant with details of what to do.

Read our information about providing a reference for UCAS Conservatoires applicants.

Training and resources

We have information for international audiences on our how UK higher education works, choosing courses and applications web pages.

Alternatively, you can access guides and training resources by clicking on the links below.

Qualifications advice for international advisers