From unrivalled data, identify who and where your future students are to achieve proven applicant gains.

Find the right kind of applicant

We can help you identify and connect with the right kind of applicant to help strengthen your student recruitment. Through Untapped Geographies, we can identify suitable applicants who aren’t applying to you currently, so you can develop a targeted marketing plan with confidence.

  • Have you experienced a decline in specific locations?
  • Are you developing a growth strategy and need to know where to target?
  • Do you want to react quickly to changes in your market share?

Untapped Geographies is a consultancy-style insights report – including heat maps, specific postcode areas and schools to target - that helps you reach your ideal applicants. We’ll help you recover your losses, grow your wins further and extend into new markets.

Insights driven by the latest data

We know the insights below are behind some of the recent changes to the higher education market in the UK. 

  • 1/4 of all providers saw applications to them shrink year on year last cycle
  • 1/5 of all providers have seen falling acceptances for 5 consecutive years (2017-21)
  • 'Less than one hour' has been the fastest-growing drive-time since 2016 - students want to be closer to home.

With Untapped Geographies, you'll unlock the insights behind your own market share – followed by proven recommendations that will increase your recruitment.

Key benefits

Use Untapped Geographies to regain your applicant share, grow further in already successful areas, and untap the new locations with the most suitable applicants for you to target. All with proven confidence in ROI.

Reduction in application YoY

1. Regain

Recover lost share in areas you currently recruit in

Our data scientists analyse the drivers behind applicant choices. We can help you to understand the reasons for your losses – and plan activity to reverse them.

2. Grow

Extend your brand further in areas you're flourishing in

We explain why you’re winning in your most successful areas. You can then double down on activities in these locations where to extend your recruitment further.


3. Untap

Expand your reach to new areas

We’ll recommend new locations including postcodes, schools and Apply centres. You can then take your next steps, confident about volumes of suitable candidates.


Tangible outputs that help you move forwards


  • Deep analysis of your current position, growth potential and future recruitment.
  • A score, category and data points for the postcode areas you should prioritise.
  • Geographical insights outlining top opportunities for driving extra volume.
  • An insight presentation, heat maps and CSV files with all the rich data points to aid decision marketing and long-term planning.

Download the example report here

"It exceeded my expectations – very robust data with strong recommendations that can be actioned immediately, whilst also allowing for mid and long term planning. We have regained market share and increased applications."

​Untapped Geographies review

Revolutionise your recruitment plans

  • Our expert teams are on hand to recommend activity and support you.
  • Untapped Geographies can be linked with our media channels.
  • Gain the ROI that comes with a highly personalised media plan.
  • Seamlessly combine insight with clear recommendations and actions.

Start targeting your future applicants now

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