Are you set for Clearing success? We're pleased to share the essential information Higher Education marketing and student recruitment teams will need for a successful Clearing.

2024 Clearing Solutions

This year, we’re building on the success of 2023’s packages, combining multiple touchpoints in your Clearing campaigns to:

  • enhance brand visibility across a range of channels students use regularly
  • reach engaged and verified applicants – before, during, and after results day
  • achieve increased conversions on results day and beyond, providing tangible return on investment (ROI)

Clearing Solutions 2024

Taking control

Taking key insights from the end-of-cycle Clearing survey, our 2023 Clearing report is now available, packed with insights and guidance to help you prepare for Clearing 2024.

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Clearing webinars

As you gear up for your 2024 Clearing recruitment campaign, our webinar playbacks will provide you with key information and insights. Our team of experts will guide you through valuable information and insights that you won't want to miss.

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Provider-level Clearing Insights

Delve into your current trends, comprehend the Clearing sector forecast, and pinpoint where to concentrate your efforts.

Our Clearing Insights report comprises four sections, offering you the opportunity to analyse past clearing activity and anticipate what lies ahead:

  1. A summary of your Clearing activity in recent cycles
  2. Analysis of trends in self-release and switching behaviour among your applicants – identifying subjects where you’re losing applicants and who you’re losing them to
  3. Forecasting unplaced volumes for this cycle to help shape your Clearing strategy
  4. Deep dives into subject areas of opportunity and risk this cycle

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Clearing plus - Enhanced profile

Make sure you’re ready to stand out during key moments across the Clearing period. Clearing Plus presents unplaced students with a personalised list of course options, matched to their circumstances and interests. Showcase your messaging alongside all your listings and get ahead of the competition with an enhanced profile.

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We use UCAS to run our campaigns because the team helps us choose the right marketing options to fit our campaign goals. We reach the right audience through UCAS so it takes the guesswork out of targeting, and can track performance easily through the reports.

Clearing media specifications

Our technical guidelines include comprehensive guidelines for our marketing channels. These guidelines have been carefully designed to ensure you have the best experience working with us. Everything you need is available in the guidelines however, your account manager is available in case of enquiries.

Access our Clearing media specification guides now:

Last year we used a combination of email, display, and paid media in our Clearing campaign. Every year, our paid campaigns improve, as we strive to understand the audience, channels and ad formats better.

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Packages will be available to purchase on a first-come, first-served basis from Tuesday 6 February.

Contact your UCAS Customer Success Director / Customer Manager or email to discuss media options or queries.

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