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UCAS has been helping connect the world to UK Higher Education since 1992, supporting over one million international students to make their UK study dream a reality. As pressure on providers to improve the quality and diversity increases, and the local and global competition intensifies, UCAS is here to ensure you and your teams can deliver your international recruitment and admissions goals.

What do we do?

UCAS empowers providers, advisers and students to make better decisions with smart, interconnected tools, purposefully designed for the international student journey. Helping to deliver quality and diverse international students from over 200 countries to UK providers each year. 

Our international offer is built for every student, every provider, and every adviser. As an independent facilitator, we guarantee a fully transparent route for each user, backed by trusted data, unique insights and 30 years of experience in market. 

Over 18 million
unique site visits from outside the UK
Over 300k
international pre-applicants
Over 130,000
unique international applicants
Over 60,000
placed international students

Our international commitments to providers 

UCAS is here to help you and your teams meet the dynamic challenges in capturing greater quality and diversity in international applications. Our new international strategy is built on four commitments to enhance our offering over the next two years: 

Grow adviser channel

Over 2,600 dedicated apply centres, and a community of top-tier school counsellors and agents from over 200 countries, support more than 140,000 applicants each intake.

We're not just diverse; we're a gateway to world-class engagement and support, where every application is a step towards international success.

Discover all UK routes

We provide personalised guidance and comprehensive support tailored to international students' ambitions.

Amplify your reach and impact with 18 million unique web sessions annually on UCAS.com and our UCAS International App, driving success in UK higher education access.

More efficient admissions

We provide precise and up-to-date international data and documentation to educators, optimising the admissions journey for over 70,000 students each cycle.

Choose efficiency, choose UCAS, for a seamless path for your students to secure a place at your institution.

Verification and fraud support

We're committed to enhancing our post-submission procedures to streamline the validation of crucial data and documents and accelerating decision-making for provider admissions and visas.

Our commitment is to improve the speed and reliability of reviews while actively reducing the risks associated with speculation and fraud. 

Global Insight report

UK universities should take advantage of Chinese students’ rising interest in creative arts degrees to remain competitive on the world stage, a new report has found.

What are the experiences of Chinese students in the UK?

International products and services

Our products and services help you manage the application journey and connect with potential students.

Engage students at every stage of their journey and achieve your international strategic goals. 

  • Build awareness and reach new international markets 

  • Drive international conversion

  • Products and services to inform international recruitment strategies 

  • Set up courses and other international opportunities 

  • Manage and accept international applicants 

  • International Application and acceptance data 

  • International Campaigns – specific channels 

The UCAS International App

To compliment the UCAS Hub, The UCAS International App is a mobile-first discovery tool that puts UK undergraduate and postgraduate choices in the pocket of hundreds of thousands of prospective international students.

UCAS International app enables providers to customise their profiles through the Provider Portal, ensuring they are appealing specifically to international students. It includes features for scholarship management, allowing providers to target and reach appropriate international learners.

This provides crucial data analytics, such as referral and favouriting reports, giving insights into how often students are linking to their websites and the popularity of courses among different international markets. This comprehensive suite of tools equips providers with the necessary resources to optimise their content, understand student engagement, increase diversity and quality and enhance their international recruitment strategies.

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30 %
of international students said they would be less likely to apply to a UK university or college without UCAS.
78 %
of international students would recommend other countries move to a UCAS-style system.

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