If you want to study a postgraduate course in the UK, start here to find out how to apply and find out more information.

Why study in the UK?

UK universities and colleges are diverse, multicultural, creative and welcoming
They offer top quality teaching and great career prospects
Over 430,000 international students study here yearly, from over 180 countries
There's also the chance to improve your English language skills

10 ways to choose a UK university

There are lots of different ways to choose a university as an international student. Even if you live in a different country, here's how to find out more about your options.

How to choose a university


Studying in the UK

If you're thinking of studying in the UK, find out what it's like from other international students studying here.


How to apply

Firstly, the way that UK higher education works means there are different rules for UK, EU and international students. We’ll highlight the similarities and differences throughout ucas.com – but to get started, take a look at our guidance, containing all the things you'll need to think about if you're considering postgraduate study in the UK:

You do some of your research on ucas.com, and you apply directly to the provider for the course.​​​​​​

  1. Then get started on what to study, when to apply and how to get a place and a visa

  2. Find a course, and look out for our advice on how to choose a suitable course and university or college

  3. Apply to study in the UK

    You'll apply directly to the university or college.
  4. Then look at finance and support

    Look at finance and support if you need to arrange visas and to pay course fees or adjust to life in the UK.


International top tips

We asked advisers from around the world for their tips for international applicants to the UK – here's what they said.

Ayesha Khalid – postgraduate case study

Ayesha came to the UK to study a social science course at Bristol University.