Improve brand recognition in markets that matter to the future of your university brand. Make the most of unique data insights to reveal new geographical markets, get discovered at live events, or invest in a sponsorship package to build trust in your institution. With over 30 years' experience, we know what works.

Reach a huge, diverse audience

We can help you get discovered in the busiest of markets. With 24m+ unique website sessions (2022), 150,000+ event visitors and 1m+ registrants each year – all actively searching for their perfect university fit – we’re well placed to help you reach the students who would love to be a part of your future.  

Reach the right students

Over 1m young people register with the UCAS Hub each year – sharing who they are, where they’re from and what they’re interested in. With 200 audience profile filters, you can identify, understand and engage the right students, delivering your message to those most likely to enjoy your courses.  

Reach influencers for optimum impact

We’re the first port of call for parents, teachers and careers advisers who support students when they're exploring higher education. From and targeted communications, to social advertising and events, we can put your brand centre stage.

94% of students love our events

Each year over 150,000 engaged year 12 students and their influencers attend our live events. 94% of them would recommend their experience as high quality – because of the diversity of information and activities on offer. So it's no surprise that in 2021 universities and colleges gained on average 236 student leads from their events – students enthusiastic about their courses.

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A broad opportunity

“The number of students that UCAS have is far greater than any other organisation. Everything we have done has worked really well.”

University of Nottingham

Discover where your future students are

With Untapped Geographies, you can access unrivalled data to help you find the right students to target. Regain your applicant share, grow further in already successful areas, and untap the new locations with the students most likely to apply to you.

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89% of pre-applicants later apply to a subject they told us they are interested in.

Create multichannel campaigns to engage them

Place your brand alongside ours to benefit from the trust students have in UCAS. From programmatic, display and social ads to emails and direct mail, connect with your future applicants on the channels they use.


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An engaged audience

Actively searching for the course and university that’s right for them, students trust what we say and are highly engaged with our communications.

  • 7.3% average conversion rate from email to application
  • 6.5% average conversion rate across all trackable channels

Statistics are from campaigns delivered in the 2022 cycle and student journey emails for pre-applicants.

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Your essential tool for promoting your undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to international students. This user-friendly, mobile-first, and multilingual platform is designed specifically for students aspiring to study in the UK. Our platform raises awareness about your educational offerings and assists students in navigating through their choices of courses, scholarship options, accommodations, and part-time job opportunities. 

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