If you want to reach students in the UK, there's no one who knows them better.

Six reasons to work with us

As the discovery service for higher education in the UK, we can offer you unparalleled knowledge, access and analysis into the sector. We'll work with you to understand trends and behaviours so you can reach the right students with your message.

1. We exist to make choices clearer for all our customers 

2. We know what students need and when 

3. 100% of profits go into improving services for our customers 

4. We can reach students in the moments that matter 

5. We only work with brands who align with our values 

6. Our student insight helps you understand your audience in depth

UCAS and you

UCAS is an independent charity that supports hundreds of thousands of students every year to take their next steps into university, college, and apprenticeships.  

With access to first party verified student data, sector knowledge, student insight and bespoke marketing solutions, we are uniquely placed to help higher education providers, commercial  businesses and employers expand their reach to students.  

Backed by strategic data-led consultancy, research-led insights and real-time student decision-making, we can connect you to the right audience using a data and channel mix tailored to your needs, at a time when they’re most engaged. 

Get answers to shape strategic business decisions and make smarter choices about where and when to connect.  

By working with UCAS, you’re investing in the future of higher education – 100% of profits from commercial activities are reinvested into the charity to improve services for customers and clients. 

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We're ready to get you evidence-driven results through timely multi-channel reach. When students find a brand they're interested in, they are generous with their brand loyalty. Reaching them now can lead to a lifetime of connection.

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We can help you connect with students at different stages of their application journey, whenever it's most relevant. Our products put you front and centre, help you understand your audience, and react to changes effectively. 

Students trust what we say

Students trust the UCAS brand. In fact, 77% of them trust the communications we send on behalf of our partners too*. It’s no surprise that so many businesses turn to us when they need meaningful insights to inform their plans.
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*Customer Feedback Survey, 2021

Explore data and insight

We provide valuable sector insight into university choices, their freshers' behaviour, students with disabilities, international students, LGBTQ+ , as well as in cycle and historic data to keep you up to date.


Being ISO 27001 certified means we adhere to the highest international standards for information security management. At UCAS, this certification underscores our commitment to safeguarding the sensitive data entrusted to us. It assures our clients that their information is handled with the utmost care and protection. Our certification not only ensures compliance but also signifies our dedication to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of data.