With unrivalled student reach, choose how you want to engage and recruit.

Access a large audience

We have unrivalled reach to the UK's student audience – all interested in the routes and products they'll need for the next stage in life. They know the information we share with them is trustworthy and they're ready to engage with your brand. Here's how you can reach and recruit them.

85% of students cited UCAS as their go-to source

Over 10,300,000 average monthly page views

Up to 80% open rates (from journey emails in 2021)

ucas.com 1 Dec 2020 – 30 Nov 2021

Get in front of students early

Be visible when students start their research so you're front of mind when it comes to decision making.

Bespoke campaigns using first-party data

Get the right students on the right channels targeted advertising through our unrivalled data.

Align with UCAS' trusted brand

Showcase your brand as part of UCAS' trusted content – appear alongside our information and advice to build affinity and trust.

University/college-specific opportunities

We've specific offerings for universities and colleges, to help them cut through and reach their target students.



Being ISO 27001 certified means we adhere to the highest international standards for information security management. At UCAS, this certification underscores our commitment to safeguarding the sensitive data entrusted to us. It assures our clients that their information is handled with the utmost care and protection. Our certification not only ensures compliance but also signifies our dedication to maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of data.