Get your message into inboxes, reliably and consistently, via trusted UCAS email campaigns.

Strategic targeting, sensible pricing

Email marketing consistently defies the odds when it comes to engagement, influence, and results. When you combine that with the high trust and broad reach of UCAS, it’s a recipe for success. Our precision targeted emails, based on highly segmentable data sets, are one of your most direct routes to market.

9% of those that we emailed during Clearing went on to enrol with us - to be able to track that return is invaluable

Jane Oswald, Head of Marketing Strategy, University of Sunderland

Reach over 3 million active subscribers

  • Hyper target your audience using filters ranging from applicant location, to predicted grades and course selection.
  • Get immediate results based on direct engagement at your chosen time and date.
  • Align your brand with the highly-trusted UCAS voice.
  • Increase brand awareness or drive immediate sales, with strategic email campaigns over the short and long term.


Unrivalled engagement rates

Our audiences are uniquely engaged with the emails we send. That’s because we ensure they’re relevant and well-timed, plus we don’t send too many. Our experts will select the best time for your email to help you achieve your goals.

Universities and colleges

  • Impressive 46.4% email open rates (August 22 - July 23)
  • Over 3.2m unique opens and 182k unique click-throughs (Aug 22 - July 23)
  • 6.85% average conversion rate from email to application (2023 entry PAD campaigns)

Commercial brands

  • 56.0% email open rates, with some months, reaching a 62% open rate benchmark (Aug 22 – Jul 23)
  • Over 7.2million unique opens (Aug 22 - July 23)
  • 371k unique click throughs (Aug 22 - July 23)


45% of 15 to 24 year olds trust content delivered by mail

(based on 2023 statistics)

Three compelling opportunities

The most direct communication

We provide answers to their questions in all sorts of ways, but none are more direct and immediate than our email campaigns.

UCAS is where young people come to find out everything there is to know about planning their next step in life – whether that’s deciding on a university or college, choosing a city, looking for jobs or apprenticeships, or finding the perfect accommodation.

Make the most of this direct route to provide students with the information they need to plan and prepare for their futures.

How it works

  1. You tell us who you want to target and what you want to say.
  2. Send us your fully-formed creative or choose from one of our easy and defined templates.
  3. We agree on any personalised content or trigger-based automation.
  4. We launch the campaign and provide you with updates on performance.

On-demand performance data in one place

As part of any digital campaign, you’ll get access to TapClicks, our online dashboard where you can view your performance at any time. This is provided automatically for any campaign you run with us, free of charge.

With daily performance updates, you’ll have the most up-to-date information available when it suits you.

You can view online, or download different reports to PDF, CSV or PPT, by channel, chart/table or as a whole – a quick and handy way to present the results visually and share achievements with your colleagues.


Let’s talk email

Get in touch to discuss your UCAS email campaign options and which one might be best suited to promote your brand to your interested audience.

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