Supercharge your email engagement with ‘Einstein’

You can boost your email performance with our artificial intelligence feature, Einstein

Improve the performance of your email campaigns using Einstein, which analyses behaviour of our audience and sends communications when they're most engaged.

Send time optimisation (STO)

‘Einstein’ STO is a tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to choose when’s best to send your email, with send times personalised to every member of your chosen student audience.
81% average increase in open rates*
105% average increase in click through rates*
*For UCAS emails using send time optimisation, compared with standard UCAS emails    

How it works:

  1. -

    On booking your email send with us, let us know that you’d like to add STO
  2. -

    We’ll ask for your preferred start time and timeframe for the send – from a minimum of 6 and up to a maximum of 12 hours
  3. -

    Each member of your audience is assigned an individual time when your email will be sent to them, based on their past email engagement (or the behaviour of our wider audience) 

Engagement segmentation

‘Einstein’ segmentation uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict how each member of our student audience is likely to interact with email and selects those most likely to engage to send your message to.
102% average increase in open rates*
156% average increase in click through rates*
*For UCAS emails using engagement segmentation, compared with standard UCAS emails  

How it works:

  1. -

    On booking your email send, let us know that you’d like to add engagement segmentation 
  2. -

    We’ll work with you to ensure your chosen targeting and the number of contacts you want to reach is compatible with engagement segmentation. To be effective, the total audience pool needs to be at least 50% bigger than the number you’re looking to reach . We’ll also ask for your preferred start time and send timeframe (6 to 12 hours) for the included send time optimisation.
  3. -

    Audience members are filtered using AI data such as their persona, likelihood to engage and the amount of emails they’ve recently received. Those with the most potential for engagement will be chosen to receive your email, at the send time that suits them best.

“Einstein really works – it feels like you’ve unleashed the beast”

Steve Minney, Head of Undergraduate Recruitment, Swansea University

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