Deep dive into your top competitors. Refine your recruitment strategies by understanding your win rates. Prove ROI.

Sharpen your view of the competition to plan data-driven recruitment strategies

The Competitor Insight Dashboard is a deep dive into your top competitors, revealing how often you win when in direct competition for an applicant.

The Competitor Insight dashboard combines ease of use and relevance very well. The decision tree is an clear and logical way of visualising student journeys"

Tamás György, Student Insight Manager, Aberystwyth University

1. Get accessible, comprehensive insight

Our expert analysts turn your raw data into visualisations and actionable insight to focus your competitor research to those that really matter. 

Explore your interactive dashboard to easily discover how you perform better (or worse) against each of your competitors by subject – across the three previous cycles – and take a detailed look at the conversion journey from application to firm reply.

"The easy to use functionality has allowed us to roll the product out widely across the institution, ensuring more decisions are based on actionable data insight. "

Nicol Mellis, Market Research Officer, University of Aberdeen

2. Use it to strengthen your portfolios

  • See how your competitors change year on year, how your performance against them evolves, and identify emerging competitors.
  • Identify any areas where your competition is offering to your rejected applicants – to your loss.
  • Enhance your forecasting with known win-rate likelihoods.
  • Adapt your offer-making and entry requirement strategies based on evidence.
  • Support your annual marketing plans – allocate recruitment budget to subjects / areas where you’ll get the maximum benefit.


"The UCAS Competitor Insight Dashboard has given us a greater understanding of who our competitors are on a subject-by-subject basis, where our successes lie, and where there are areas for improvement."

Victoria Isherwood, Director of Student Recruitment, University of Stirling

Your Competitor Insight Dashboard provides win-rates, filterable by competitor, subject area and cycle. See clearly where you’re winning and who you’re missing out to.

3. Tailor offer-making and entry requirements based on evidence

Your personal interactive dashboard makes it easy to understand where you perform strongly, who you miss out to, and who makes offers to the students you rejected.

Use this insight to adjust your offer-making and entry requirement strategies – focusing on the subject areas most at risk and undertaking research into your competitors’ activities to see where they differentiate from yours.

Recruitment with ROI

Use your timesaving, accessible dashboard to gain an in-depth understanding of your position and set realistic recruitment targets.

Get in touch to find out more.

Actionable insight at your fingertips

As well as providing valuable insight to inform your strategies, the dashboards are simple to use and don’t require any data skills to use or interpret – we've done the heavy lifting analysis of the data for you, so you don't have to.

Access your dashboards from the provider pages on and share across your institution for meetings and easy performance analysis.

Delve much deeper
Whereas the Application and Decision Tracker shows competitors in common for performance benchmarking in-cycle – the Competitor Insight Dashboard shows the size and scale of each competitor over three years.

Contact us to discuss your recruitment insight needs

We process the raw data for you to create your Competitor Insight Dashboard – with the visualisations you need to take action. If you'd like the raw datasets as well, we offer a 15% discount when bundling with our Competitor Analysis product.

Get in touch with us to purchase your dashboard or discuss a bespoke package.

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