Data and analysis

Our analysis covers applications and admissions to full-time higher education in the UK.

UCAS Undergraduate releases

UCAS Undergraduate statistical releases provide core numbers on applications or acceptances at scheduled points in the current application cycle.

Deadline applicant figures

Daily Clearing analysis 2017

UCAS Undergraduate analysis reports and notes

Our analysis reports investigate key topics such as the demand for higher education and outcomes at the end of the different application cycles. Our analysis notes are single topic, short reports, published periodically throughout the year.

Analysis reports

Analysis notes

UCAS Undergraduate data resources

We provide annual data files of applications and acceptances against specific characteristics, as well as other important data resources to download or request.

We publish more detailed reference data tables and files when the application cycle is complete.

End of cycle data resources

Analytical data services

Our freely available published resources are designed to help with most questions about admissions. For more specialised analysis and data needs, UCAS and UCAS Media can provide commissioned analytical services. These can provide anonymised data to particular specifications, including the ability to provide anonymous data about the admissions outcomes of groups of individuals.



UCAS Teacher Training releases

View daily and monthly statistical releases for UCAS Teacher Training here.

UCAS Teacher Training statistics

UCAS Conservatoires releases

 View statistical releases for UCAS Conservatoires here.

UCAS Conservatoires statistical releases

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