Discover what's happening with qualifications around the UK and what reforms are ongoing.

Qualifications in the UK are currently undergoing significant reform, for example: 

  • In England students are now able to take T Levels in specific subjects, technical qualifications developed alongside employers, and preparing students for the world of work 
  • Scotland has launched an independent review of qualifications and assessment, which could see the end of exams in S4 and a wider range of assessment methods used in Highers and Advanced Highers. Scottish Government is considering the findings of the review – no changes have yet been confirmed. 
  • New GCSEs have been developed in Wales, with language and literature coming under one qualification in English and Cymraeg, and individual sciences — physics, chemistry and biology—not offered as separate GCSEs. These will be approved by September 2024 for first teaching in September 2025. New GCSEs are an important first step in the wider reform of the full 14-16 qualifications offer in Wales, all elements of which will be in place by September 2027.
  • UCAS allocates Tariff points to all UK regulated Level 3 qualifications (SCQF Level 6 in Scotland). More information can be found here.