Monitor, report and showcase your students' progression

Our adviser packages complement the data available in the adviser portal – find out where your students are progressing to and see how you compare within the sector.

What are Adviser Reports?

We have a number of packages available to purchase, for all the insight you need to assist with reporting, planning, and progression monitoring. You can access these from the ‘Data and reporting’ tile in the adviser portal each month. Each is designed to offer a different level of insight, but all provide information in easily accessible, touch-of-a-button formats, and are accessible through our secure file transfer system.

How to make the reports work for you

Destination data enables you to collect information on where a student goes and what they do after leaving school or college. Measuring the destination data for your centre enables you to examine the effects of your careers provision and meet Gatsby Benchmarks. The monthly key statistics offered as part of the packages offer in-cycle reports with infographic snapshots of your cohort making it easy to share with your colleagues and build comparison data year on year.

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More detail about these reports

Monthly Key Statistics Report

This insight report is designed to save you time, by providing key statistical trends and analysis of your students, their choices, and their offers. You’ll receive a snapshot view of the overall status of your students on a month-by-month basis, presented in an infographic style to download or print. This is an easy way to keep colleagues and senior leadership teams informed of your cohort’s progress throughout the cycle. 

Download example key statistics report (pre-June)

Download example key statistics report (post-June)

Annual Progression Report

This report shows which universities and subjects your students from previous cycles have progressed to, and the offers they received. See overall trends and analysis of your cohort for up to five previous years – their choices, decisions, offers and replies – as well as acceptances and offers by sex, ethnic group, qualification, by university/college, and subject group. The report also contains a printable PDF destination map showing where your students were placed in the previous cycle.

The report is delivered in two parts:

  • Part 1 Centre report – released late autumn, containing Registered Centre Progression Report, CSV files for deeper analysis, and Registered Centre Progression Summary.
  • Part 2 Sector level report and 18 year old report, released early spring.

Download example progression summary

Download example progression report

Download example destination map

Registered centre progression reports

Annual Competitor Report

Directly compare your centre against a group of five or more competitors, which you define. You can purchase standalone reports (up to two per customer), to understand any variations in where you sit between two groups (e.g. local rankings against national rankings). If you subscribe to the gold package, you’ll receive one of these reports as part of the package.

Download example competitor summary

Download example competitor report

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