Access to unique data combinations to understand your market and competition.

EXACT is a bespoke data service which reports on historical data and live cycle deadline data across the sector.

Whether you have tactical, strategic, planning, or research challenges to solve, EXACT is home to the answers for almost any question you have: 

  • What does the full landscape really look like – applications, offers & accepts at course level for each provider?
  • Do all further Maths A level applicants apply to study Maths degrees?
  • Where do AAB students apply and accept to study Humanities?
  • Has the gender split changed for Engineering acceptances since 2006?

Evidence driven decisions with EXACT

Find out how EXACT has been a useful tool for our partners. We paint a unique and holistic picture using data to better understand your targets and formulate your decisions.

Brief us on where you want to see growth in market share, or offer to conversion rates by subject area – whatever your query, we can help.  

How does it work?

  1. Decide your question and define your data
    Speak to our experienced data account managers about the challenge you’re trying to solve. Together we will construct a tight question, and define the data required to answer it.
  2. Select the variables
    Next, you need to choose your variables. These will be the rows in your exported data, and include fields like course name, degree type, entry year, and predicted grades. 
    Variables available: undergraduate (71.12 KB) | conservatoires (25.15 KB)
  3. Choose the statistics to calculate
    And finally, choose the statistics you want to report on. Among the options are applicants or applications, number of offers & replies, and accepts.
    Statistics available:  undergraduate (21.09 KB) | conservatoires (14.71 KB)

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Your marketing challenges solved

At UCAS we help you define your question by listening to the problem you want to solve and the action you want to take.

EXACT delivers bespoke raw data in CSV format – with pivot tables on request. 

Here are some of the ways you can use EXACT to inform your recruitment strategies, with example pricing (specific pricing depends on course, volume and depth of data required). 

Re pricing, if you do not intend to share the data with anyone outside of your organisation, you will only require an internal licence.

Your marketing challenge – Taster days

“We have developed a series of taster days for a new Biology course. We want to promote it and that includes reaching out to schools. Which schools and colleges and regions should I target for this campaign? Where is this course likely to be of most interest?”

How we translate that into a data question

For the last recruitment cycle, for courses containing the following keywords, which schools had students who achieved the entry requirements and had also studied an A level that they have to have done, in order to study this course?

The data fields we would use

Applications, offers, accepts
A level Biology achieved point score, achieved tariff point score
Filtered to C1: Biology and all courses with ‘Biology’ in the title

This data request would cost from

£965 / £772 standard / internal license

Your marketing challenge – Schools targeting

“We want to inform our marketing strategy around targeting schools and colleges. We want to understand which ones we should:
1.    Maintain relationships with 
2.    Proactively target to grow share of applications and acceptances
3.    Stop targeting because they don’t have the students we tend to recruit


To do this we need to know how many students have achieved ABB at A level or the equivalent at each school or college within 110 miles of where we are based over the past three years. We want to use the data to calculate our market share of applications and offers.” 

How we translate that into a data request

For the last recruitment cycle, how many students were there who achieved ABB or above at A level (or equivalent) at each school or college with 110 mile radius of our institution? And what are the trends over the last three years?

The data fields we would use

Specified cycles
Applications, offers, accepts
ABB flag, postal district, drive time, apply centre

This data request would cost around

£16,500 / £16,500 Standard / Internal

Get even more with Untapped Geographies

For only a little more, Untapped Geographies does the analysis for you. Receive specific postcodes, areas and schools to target to reach your preferred audience, plus evidence-driven report with tangible outputs to maximise growth and opportunities to optimise marketing spend.

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Your marketing challenge - Why are applications declining?

“We have some subjects which have seen declining numbers of applications over the past 3 years, but we believe that’s not the case sector wide.

Our Marketing Director has asked why this is. We have some internal insight but need to compare our performance to our competitors. 

Are they experiencing declines? And if so, is there a way of finding out why? Exploring things like location and tariff.”

How we translate that into a data request

For the last recruitment cycle, for the following subject areas and the last three years, for us and our key competitors 
-    What are the recruitment patterns (both the actual and percentage growth or decline)?
-    What do the patterns look like by location and tariff?
-    Are there any other factors it would be useful to look at?

The data fields we would use

Specified cycles  
Provider name, course name and applicant tariff
Applications, offers, accepts

This data request would cost from

£9,041 / £7,233 Standard / Internal

Your marketing challenge – understanding offer to conversion

“How do offers and acceptances for my courses in the Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy compare to my 10 competitors?”  

How we translate that into a data request

For the last recruitment cycle, by subject area and/or by course title/keyword, what do offer to firm acceptances look like for us and our competitor set.
Are there any other fields it would be useful to have, such as; tariff on entry, entry qualifications or type of school?

The data fields we would use

Specified cycles 
Applications, offers, accepts
Accepted applicant tariff band by course name and provider, based on 10 competitor providers.

This data request would cost from

£1,808.28 / £1,446.63 Standard / Internal

Get even more with your Competitor Insight Dashboard

Delve into interactive dashboards to sharpen your view of current and emerging competitors across different market segments. See how often you win when in direct competition for an applicant – no data skills or analysis required.

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All prices shown are examples and will vary based on the specific requirement. 

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Tackling your challenges with EXACT

Find out how universities are using EXACT

Calculating and verifying potential for new programmes:
University of Chester

Using data to support decision-making throughout the recruitment cycle:
University of Sheffield

Data at your fingertips when you need it – subscription packages

Access EXACT throughout the year, no need to wait for your planning team. Change your questions each time, so every department gets the answers they need: 

The Daily

A new question answered every week day
£46,200   +VAT


The Weekly

A new question answered every week
£23,100 +VAT


The Bundle

10 individual data outputs 
Ad-hoc over the course of a year, however you see fit.
£14,700 +VAT


One-off requests

If you have a single question to answer, get in touch and we will provide a bespoke quote for you.
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What does an EXACT output look like?

See an example EXACT report.

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We’d love to hear from you – whatever your challenge, we’ll have the output that can help.

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EXACT for business

There’s nothing quite like the student market.

We can help you uncover its patterns, its trends, and the answers to your commercial questions:

Ask us: What do they plan to study? Is it vocational or academic?
Find out: The potential market for customers who want your product/service.

Ask us: Where do they plan to study? Will they stay at home?
Find out: The regional or geographical potential for tenants and homebuyers.

Ask us: What kind of background are they from?
Find out: Whether your campaigns are pitched right for this market. 

EXACT isn’t just for the higher education sector. We’re trusted by charities, NFPs, professional bodies, private and commercial businesses to help them understand the data behind the 700k+ applicants applying to HE every year.

If you are…

  • An employer recruiting apprentices – discover potential skills gaps and reveal cold spots by location, helping you to determine the right number of roles to create for your graduate scheme, and to identify the right locations in which to promote your graduate roles. You can also identify specific schools to target in your outreach activity.

    Check out our media pack

  • A professional body – understand how many sixth formers are studying a subject relevant to your profession, or discover the universities which offer courses that you don’t accredit.
  • An accommodation provider – understand migration into your priority towns and cities, or help you identify new locations based on demand. 

    Check out our media pack

If you have a question that needs answering, or something unique that you’d like to explore in a deep data dive, we can help.

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