Getting ready for UCAS Discovery lesson plan

Download all the materials you need below to deliver the Get ready for UCAS Discovery lesson and prepare your students for your upcoming event.

Lesson plan

This lesson plan includes the following information to help you prepare your students for a UCAS Discovery event:

It has been designed to be delivered as either a 20 minute, 40 minute or hour-long activity, depending on your time constraints.

The lesson plan includes the following:

  • lesson outcomes
  • lesson overview
  • lesson delivery
  • a breakdown of each of the lesson activities
  • a summary of Gatsby Benchmarks, Skills Builder skills and CDI Framework skills that the lesson covers
  • Mission cards to use with your students as preparation for the UCAS Discovery event

We have also provided PowerPoint slides and student workbooks to be used in the lesson. All files are editable, allowing you to use the lesson plan as a starting point and amend it as you wish.

Download the lesson plan (77.3 KB)

Download the lesson guidance (50.46 KB)

PowerPoint presentation

This PowerPoint presentation contains all the slides required to deliver the Get ready for UCAS Discovery lesson plan. 

Download the presentation (5 MB)

Student worksheet

This worksheet contains all the activities students will need to complete as part of the Get ready for UCAS Discovery lesson.

Download the worksheet (48.81 KB)

Mission cards

This PDF includes the four mission cards. These will also be available for students to pick up and use at the UCAS Discovery event. 

These cards have been created to support students attending a UCAS Discovery event to ask exhibitors (such as universities, colleges, and apprenticeship employers) questions that will help them explore their options in greater depth. As well as providing question prompts, they also leave space for students to make note of any other questions they might like to ask.  

Download the mission cards (111.16 KB)