Discover what the Hub has to offer for students exploring their next steps

The UCAS Hub puts the power of choice in the hands of your students. As well as bringing together a huge breadth of options on one screen, it allows them to carefully explore and compare different paths without feeling overwhelmed. Along their journey they can save favourites for a truly personalised journey. They can also delve into the detail when they’re ready, and have everything easily to hand when they start applying, to ensure a seamless experience.

Meeting the Gatbsy Benchmarks and CDI Framework

Wondering how the UCAS Hub can support you in implementing the Gatsby Benchmarks and CDI Framework?

Our free download explains how the Hub and a variety of UCAS tools can help.

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Hub lesson plans

Each student can use their Hub to explore their own personal passions, skills, and attributes and create a dashboard with their tailored requirements.

Use our free lesson plans to discover how to explore the Hub in the classroom.

Lesson plans

What tools and resources are on offer?

We offer a number of tools geared towards career development and next steps for students, from information and guidance, to quizzes, events and live webinars, and personalised recommendations. Some of these tools are found in the Hub, behind a log in. You and your students can set up an account to access these.


For students working out what their next steps are after school or college, UCAS offers a wealth of tools, information and guidance, and advice – from subjects to quizzes and events.


Students can use the Hub and their personalised dashboard to build out their choices and compare their options. They can even talk to students to get more insight into their chosen subject.


When students are ready to apply, UCAS offers a helping hand; from personal statement advice and a tariff calculator, to our Career Finder tool to apply to jobs and apprenticeships directly.

Watch a demo

Get to know all about the Hub’s features and what it has to offer your students, with our handy video showing students’ favourite parts and how other teachers and advisers use the Hub in lessons. 

Accessing the Hub from the adviser portal

Discover what the Hub has to offer, all from your adviser portal – create your own favourites list, put together a list of pages to refer to in the classroom, and experience the Hub just like your students do.

Simply navigate to the icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen when you’ve signed in (as shown in the screenshot) and select ‘Hub’. This will take you straight to the Hub dashboard so you can start exploring.

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Gloucestershire College

We had no idea the Hub had so many tools that we could use with our students. We’ll be using the Hub to support research into careers and apprenticeship opportunities available to our students.