Find out more about the UCAS collaboration with Springpod and how their Subject Spotlights and Virtual Work Experiences can help students explore their options

Who are Springpod?

Springpod partners with universities and employers to create interactive, experiential learning programmes which empower the next generation and enable them to take their future into their own hands by giving them equal access to opportunity.

From work experience to university course taster experiences, Springpod's programmes enable young people to explore, interact and learn about the world of work and university before they apply.

UCAS is collaborating with Springpod to offer students free access to their Subject Spotlights (now live) and Virtual Work Experiences (coming soon to UCAS).

Over 300,000 young people
have enrolled in a Springpod programme in the past 24 months
62% of students
are more interested in attending a university open day after completing a Subject Spotlight

What will students have access to?

By logging into their UCAS Hub, students will have virtual access to:

  • Subject Spotlights: Interactive university course tasters which feature real-life lectures, seminars and academics, giving prospective students the opportunity to experience a variety of degree subjects that they may be considering studying.
  • Virtual Work Experiences: Immersive and informative virtual work experiences with leading employers such as the NHS, Network Rail and Airbus. These incorporate real workplace activities – from attending a live surgery to designing a lunar landing module – and the chance to speak with, and hear from, industry professionals.

As well as giving an insight into studying at university, the practical, task-based learning programmes help to boost employability skills and better prepare students for work. Students receive certificates of completion from universities and employers which they can evidence on their personal statements.

Subject Spotlights give young people the chance to try a university course before they apply. Delivered by the lecturers themselves, students will gain insight into what it’s like to study the course and give their personal statement a boost.


Getting started with Subject Spotlights

Finding them in Discover

Students are able to search and filter by subject and university to see suggested Subject Spotlights in our search tool, to help them understand what a subject truly entails and see if it's right for them. Subject Spotlights can also be found on relevant subject guide pages.

In the Hub

Once a student has signed up and logged in to the Hub, they will then be able to watch any full length Subject Spotlight after completing the Springpod sign up process. Trailer content is accessible without an account.

Favourites and For You

Students can favourite a Subject Spotlight in order to watch them later; they'll be saved in their Favourites in their Hub dashboard. Relevant Subject Spotlights will also be suggested for them in their personalised For Your section.

80% of students
who have taken part in a Subject Spotlight say it gave them a better perception of that degree and has led to them considering applying

Sign up to the Hub

Students can sign up to the Hub easily and quickly in order to access tools, advice, and personalised information to help them make their choices and explore their options. 

Getting started with Virtual Work Experiences

Coming soon to UCAS, students will be able to explore their career options with Virtual Work Experiences through the Springpod platform.

Springpod provides in-depth, interactive and informative Virtual Work Experiences from industry experts in the world's leading employers, to help young people understand industries and the world's best employers as if they were already working there. This is invaluable to students, as it can help them to choose the right career path, better prepare them for employment by gaining direct experience, and boost their CV at this critical stage of their discovery journey.

99% of students
completing Springpod’s programmes rate the awareness of careers in their chosen industry as good or excellent

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