Promote your open days and events on our website to millions of young people and their influencers - they're all actively exploring university options.

Encourage students to visit your campus

Use our popular platform to get potential applicants to your university. Show off your facilities, teaching quality, social spaces and campus to inspire applications. 

Free, organic promotion

All events are listed, for free, on the UCAS site, allowing applicants, parents, and schools to search for relevant events and open days, giving your occasion more publicity. 

Create CTAs to your website

Each university or college that’s a member of UCAS can add specific details about each event or open day, including a CTA to your website, driving traffic directly to you. 

A huge avenue for recruitment

Open days are often the deciding factor for students considering different universities and colleges. Last year, 73% of students surveyed replied saying they’d attended an open day, with a further 18% indicating they were planning on attending one. 

What are the benefits?

Get in front of a large audience – huge volumes of students come to every day, as well as parents, teachers and advisers, so you can promote your events widely. is trusted by visitors – give your events kudos by listing them as organic content. 

We get over 50K views of UCAS Discovery event pages on; they're looking for you.

How to list your open day or event

It’s simple – log in to and complete a short form in the provider section of the site to get your listing up and in front of all potential students on our site.