Engage directly with future applicants and customers, exactly where they want to hear from you.

Unrivalled reach

Young people come to us with questions about student life, asking about everything from education to employment. Who’s better placed to answer those questions than you? Tap into our trust and win theirs by providing information and advice directly on our social media platforms.

From handy student or apprentice life blogs and product Q&As to exciting live sessions, put your brand in prime position by delivering exactly what aspiring students are looking for.

Reach over 500,000 followers across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube

We make it easy

  • As trusted UCAS channels, here's where they’re open and engaged to listen.
  • Strategically choose your timing to give advice when it’s most valuable.
  • Capitalise on the higher engagement rates of video and live content.
  • Showcase your trust and expertise to win hearts and minds.
  • Build brand loyalty by providing added value alongside the trusted UCAS brand.

Be part of key moments in the student journey

Students look for answers online – UCAS is one of their top sources. By delivering support via live and dynamic social media content, your brand becomes associated with the trust and expertise of the UCAS brand.

Become relevant and easily accessible for young digital natives.


What you get in return

1. Live social session

Deliver a detailed dive into your topic of choice, for up to 60 mins (including a Q&A). Use short pre-recorded clips during the live, to make sure your vital message gets across. We’ll promote it to our audience and record the session at UCAS, your campus/office, or via Zoom. We’ll then share snippets across social media after the event.

2. Pre-recorded video

Produce a short and sharp video to answer questions quickly. Hosted on YouTube and shared across other UCAS social media channels. Receive the branded video for your own future use.

3. UCAS Hub live session

Choose a topic from our planned sessions and deliver it alongside us on our platform when it’s most relevant. Include your branded clips and get one of your experts on the panel.

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Get in touch so we can discuss topics, dates, times, and the differences between our offers.

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