With deep-dive data and insights into student volumes, demographics, behaviours and decisions, get tangible evidence to inform your strategies.

Access unrivalled student insight to refine your activities

We reach the UK's students who are applying for higher education courses – as well as looking for lifestyle products, technology, travel, accommodation, graduate opportunities and much more. Here's how we can help you finetune your engagement strategies.

Unique access to billions of data combinations to understand your market and competition

Access data from 700,000 applicants each year

Examine historical data starting from 2017

React to student behaviours to refine your student marketing

Using our unrivalled data to refine your student marketing activity means you can put our unique understanding into immediate action to increase your market share.

University/college-specific products 

We’ve created a series of products based on what providers have said they’re looking for, to make our data easy to understand and presented clearly so you can use / share findings for maximum impact.