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Whether you’re a provider looking to gauge interest about a new course, or a brand wanting to sell relevant products – the high levels of trust and engagement we have with our audience will get you the answers you need.

Our surveys will help you discover essential insights about your customers as people – what they want and why, where they spend time, what inspires them and much more. It can inform business values, products and services, and marketing campaigns – to optimise your brand’s success.

Students love sharing what they think and feel
Our relationship with millions of students and graduates makes it easy for you to successfully develop and launch new products and services that they're actually interested in. Our audiences love sharing what they think and feel, and are highly engaged on our channels.

"I think it’s a fabulous company, I also love they’re advertising campaign about modern masculinity it’s very well done and the right thing to do"

2021 UCAS Brand Survey

Create one of three kinds of bespoke survey

Survey L1 – Panel Access

Design and host your own survey on your own platform. We’ll promote it and engage students to complete it directly.

Survey L2 – Survey Support

Work with us to design strategic questions likely to yield results. We’ll host and send the survey, providing you with the results on completion.

Survey L3 – Survey Insight

Our most comprehensive and flexible service. As well as designing, hosting, and sending the survey – we’ll link and weight your responses against our own data – which ensures you'll gain insights representative of the entire population.

What puts you off a brand?

"Misleading customers and cutting corners unnecessarily on a product"

Pre-applicant survey 2022

Test your market before launching a product, service, or course

  • Align your brand with UCAS and grow your relevance among student audiences.
  • Future proof your business by acting on unique findings ahead of your competition.
  • Validate and justify business cases with real-time data from target audiences.
  • Tie your survey into a wider email campaign to act on your results quickly.

Looking for the latest insights?

We’re experts at designing and conducting meaningful research to help brands of all shapes and sizes better meet audience needs. Explore our high-impact market research and reports that shine a light on important issues in education and skills.

Insight reports
End of Clearing reports

Discover what you need to know to reach these savvy shoppers – hearing 7,296 first-hand student views. From favourite brands and ethics to social media habits and smart tech, dive into what really drives student decision making when it comes to finding the right products for them.

Freshers report

How to get started

Depending on which level of support you need, we’ll work with you to design a set of questions and survey style we know will generate the responses you need. We’ll help you pick the right segment of our data, and distribute it over a time period that suits your intended outcomes.

Get in touch to discuss how to get started and the level of support you’re likely to need.

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