Clearing Plus matches students to their most suited Clearing courses. It's your chance to stand out, cutting through the noise - all as part of your capitation fee.

Easier for students, easier for providers

Clearing is the key that thousands of students use to find their future, as well as being a vital recruitment tool for providers. With record numbers of applicants now using UCAS systems, it’s an exciting, bustling, energetic, and busy place to be. Wouldn’t you like to be heard above the noise?

Clearing Plus lets you do just that.

53,600 separate expressions of interest were made against courses offered in clearing plus.

74% of these were expressions of interest made against courses offered by enhanced providers.

Clearing Plus matches students to their most suited courses available in Clearing

As a provider, you can add your courses and select criteria to target certain students, completely free of charge. And if you’d like to boost the most important subjects and stand out in the listings – with logos, taglines, and more real estate – we have enhanced listings and advertising options available too.


Over 70% of unplaced students were placed on course at a provider with a Clearing Plus enhanced profile


You have full control over your listings in Clearing Plus, via your dashboard

From mid-June you can start setting up your courses via the easy interface, and add enhanced listings features, like logo and tagline, directly in the dashboard. Your listing will go live as soon as Clearing does, which is when you’ll also get access to interested applicants to build your database.

For display advertising (skyscraper and banner placements), we’ll help you choose the right place and time to run them.

Clearing plus enhanced profile

View full Clearing plus enhanced profile media pack here

Instant connections with interested students

Showcase your messaging alongside all your listings and get ahead of the competition with an enhanced profile.

Enhanced profiles are now included with triggered emails, reaching students directly when they express interest. Whether you prefer templated or bespoke emails that align with your brand, establish a meaningful connection by delivering vital information straight from your website.

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