Whether you’re looking to connect with under-represented groups, specialist subject prospects, international students or postgraduates – we can help you understand and reach new customers across the full conversion funnel. From smart audience insights to targeted multichannel campaigns, we support universities and colleges to connect with eager students in new and novel ways.

Understand and reach diverse audiences

We have over 30 years’ experience, developing relationships with students from all walks of life. Over 200 audience profile filters – plus insights from EXACT, Outreach Evaluator and Myriad – mean we can identify specialist groups, delivering your message to interested students. 

Build trust in your brand

We can help you get you connected to even the most niche student groups. With over 24m unique website sessions (2022) and over 1m registered pre-applicants each year – all actively searching for their perfect fit – we’re well placed to help you stand out in the minds of those who would love to join you. 

Drive applications across the year

Application trends are changing. 1000s of people apply after the January deadline, plus Extra and Clearing provide new opportunities to boost applications. We can help you reach your most rewarding segments, delivering your message to those most likely to enjoy your courses.

An engaged audience

Actively searching for the course and university that’s right for them, students trust what we say and are highly engaged with our communications.

  • 7.3% average conversion rate from email to application
  • 6.5% average conversion rate across all trackable channels

Statistics are from campaigns delivered in the 2022 cycle and student journey emails for pre-applicants.

Outreach and widening participation

Increase participation of under-represented students. Get a snapshot of your effectiveness against competitors through our unique Outreach Evaluator tool, then adapt your strategies to fit. From ethnic groups to students from disadvantaged backgrounds (POLAR4 Quintile 1), and those with learning difficulties or disabilities, understand and connect with the diverse audiences.
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Small and specialist? Read on…

We understand your bespoke set of needs and have trusting relationships with your unique set of future students. We can make it easy for you to understand your future cohorts, discover new growth opportunities, and get your brand into the hearts and minds of those most likely to love it.   
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Grow your international market share

Now's the time to ramp up international student marketing, tapping into worldwide demand. Standing out in student minds and keeping them engaged will be critical to conversion this year. From display advertising and Solus or journey emails to Unibuddy student chat, let our tools complement yours as you grow in existing and emerging international markets.
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