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52:34 11 months ago 140 

Personal statement expert, Jane Marshall, explains what a personal statement is, what to include, and how to structure yours.

44:29 1 week ago 9 

UCAS experts share application hints and tricks – common mistakes to avoid, what to focus on, and how to give yourself the best chances of success.

43:46 2 months ago 33 

The personal statement. Arguably the hardest part of the application – writing about yourself. Start early and get yours underway.

37:25 2 months ago 10 

Our panel of experts answer your questions and talk all things Oxford, Cambridge, medicine, veterinary medicine/science, and dentistry.

2:04:07 1 year ago 32 

This session unpicks exactly what to put in your personal statement, as well as unpicking the best way to represent yourself in an interview.

37:43 2 months ago 4 

What are conservatoires like? Are they different from uni or college? How do I apply and get in? Find out from current students and admissions tutors.

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44:09 3 weeks ago 5 

With over 30,000 different courses on offer, how do you know which would be best for you? Find out how with our panel of experts.

33:14 1 month ago 4 

Still not sure what you want to do? Our expert careers coach gives some tips to help you get started and figure out what’s important to you.

44:08 1 month ago 16 

Looking to start your application this summer? Our experts help you break it down and advise on what you can do to make yours stand out.

48:49 2 months ago 8 

Our expert panel answer your questions and shares tips on how to find the right uni for you.

2:01:31 4 months ago 11 

Hear great insight from admissions staff, NHS workers, and uni students about their experiences.

58:48 6 months ago 9 

Discover some of the very best school-leaver opportunities available to apply for right now at some of the biggest companies in the UK and beyond.

46:59 6 months ago 4 

Jack became CEO of The Youth Group in 2018, is known as the UK’s Chief Youth Officer and has been named as the Most Connected Young Entrepreneur.