Annual Admissions Conference 2019

Date and location
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Fiona Eccles

Product Owner: Applications and Admissions/Student Admissions Manager, The University of Manchester


Fiona has been Student Admissions Manager at The University of Manchester since July 2015 – leading the central admissions function in support of a devolved admissions structure across 17 admissions teams and dealing with the challenges that brings. Prior to this role, Fiona was Assistant Admissions Manager at Manchester Metropolitan University where she managed the centralised UG and PGT admissions operation.

Fiona has more than 20 years’ experience in admissions roles, ranging from being the sole HE administrator in a large FE college to managing admissions operations in two of the most popular universities in the UK in terms of UG applications. She is very interested in process and system development to support efficient processing in large volume environments, and is currently using her broad knowledge and experience as product owner for admissions on the university’s Student Lifecycle Project which will deliver new technologies and standardisation of admissions – and other – processes across its vast administration.

Monday 8 April 2019 16:40 -17:30

Best practice in handling applicant mitigating circumstances