Whether you met your conditional offer straight away or found a place through Clearing, most students chart the next stage of their higher education journey on results day.


Finding a great place to live is the key to an amazing first year at uni. Places in popular halls or houses will go fast, so it’s always worth looking into this as soon as possible.

Once you’ve settled on your budget for accommodation, you should think about: 

  • Whether you want to be catered or self-catered
  • How many people you want to share with
  • How close your accommodation is to classes and shops
  • The length of your contract
  • University-managed or private accommodation options

Check out our guide to undergrad accommodation for more help on sorting your ideal home.

Getting support

Your university or college offers a huge range of support services to make sure that every student can succeed in their course and enjoy their time there.

If you have a disability, health condition or additional learning requirements, are arriving from overseas, come from a care background or simply have any concerns about your studies or lifestyle, it’s always worth getting in touch with the university’s support staff before you arrive.

Student Space, run by Student Minds, is here to help you find the support you need. Find support services provided by your place of study, hear from students, and explore a range of trusted information and tools to help guide you through the uncertainty of student life. You'll also find support on money, relationships, social life, and academic stress and pressure.

Preparing to study

This is what it’s all about, right? Take another look at your course curriculum, get excited, and see how you can get ready to hit the ground running.

It’s especially useful to look at things like:

  • What topics you’ll be studying in your first term
  • How many contact hours you’ll have a week
  • Any recommended pre-course reading

Discover more information about how to prepare for your studies to make sure you're fully ready for your next journey.