Enjoy your teacher training placements - Emma Beckett

Tuesday 6 November 2018, Teacher Training

by Emma Beckett

Enjoy your teacher training placements - Emma Beckett

Emma Beckett
Are you a real teacher?
I suppose I could not really answer this question until the end of the course, but now I can confidently say, “Yes I am”.
Placement one was a whirlwind experience. You flit between university and school, week after week, however my key tip: remain organised, file everything, and take each day as it comes.
Observe, observe, observe!
During your induction period, make sure you observe the classes you will be teaching as much as possible. It is useful to observe them in other subjects to. How is that pupil with autism taught in other subjects? How do other members of staff challenge Ella who is a high potential student?
Use your PPAs, study periods and frees wisely
Make sure all your university activities are completed by the first two weeks of placement one, two and three. You do not want to be doing these while planning lessons and marking assessments. You should also have an allocated working space which you are entitled to whether it is a laptop or teacher training room.
Be confident and own your experience
It is common for you not to feel comfortable in the classroom until placement two. After Christmas, you will hear many teacher trainees say, “Everything has just fallen into place!” Even if you’re not confident, act confident. Students can smell weakness! You have conquered placement one and you deserve to be on this amazing journey. Remember why you got into teaching in the first place, for the enthusiasm of your subject which you love as well as seeing students progress through secondary school. 
Things to have handy at all times
§  School planner or your own diary (note everything! From planning Year 9 assessments in your PPA period 4, to having your hair done after school on 10 May. It all helps with your reflective journals).
§  Anti-bacterial hand gel (during placement three I discovered this beauty. I have not hand a cold since!).
§  Merits (students love merits. Make sure you are giving out at least three a lesson. Praise is a great classroom tool).
§  Stationery (you have five whiteboard markers? How sweet. Buy more! Post it notes, biros, rulers, staples…and count them in and out of the room).
Enjoy this time!

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