Annual Admissions Conference 2018

Date and location
This event has now finished

Tribal – developments against UCAS' AMS APIs in SITS

Tuesday 27 March 2018 11:50 - 12:50
Breakout session
This session is aimed at existing Tribal customers who’re currently familiar with UCAS’ business processes and interfaces.


This session will explain how SITS:Vision will support the new UCAS AMS systems from version 9.6.0 onwards (due for release in May 2018). Although the development is initially aimed at supporting UCAS Postgraduate, the concepts shown here will also apply to UCAS Teacher Training and UCAS Conservatoires.

The session will contain the following:

  • How UCAS AMS integrates into SITS:Vision.
  • Operational differences between existing and new interfaces.
  • Introduction to the new SITS:Vision fields and tables.
  • Linking to the test environments.
  • Process for migrating from odbc-link/xml-link to UCAS AMS.
  • Timescales for further development/migration.

To be presented by a representative from Tribal