International and EU students

Universities and colleges in the UK offer students from overseas an amazing opportunity to study in the UK at some of the world's leading higher education providers.

Mature conservatoire students

Every year, thousands of adults go into higher education and many study at a conservatoire. It's a great chance to develop skills and career options.

No offers?

Find out what to do next if you’re not holding any conservatoire offers.

Our services

UCAS is more than just an undergraduate admissions portal. We offer several services for different audiences, and those who want to reach them.

Personal statement advice: history

Writing a personal statement for history? We asked admissions tutors what they're looking for – and it's all down to demonstrating your interest over and above the syllabus.

Scholarships, grants, and bursaries

If your student loan won’t nearly be enough to cover your university costs, check out these extra pots of money to help with living expenses and tuition fees.