Provider opt in for pre-approved unpicks C&C 2024

Following the success of our pre-approved reply swap process, we’re launching a new pilot trial for providers to opt in to pre-approving unpicking confirmation decisions that have been made in error during the period of Confirmation and Clearing. Please complete the web form below to indicate if you intend to sign up, or not.

What is it?

During Confirmation and Clearing many confirmation decisions are being processed as exam results are sent out. Inevitably this means that situations may arise where decisions need to be amended. So, to make unpicking these easier and less time consuming during such a critical period, this opt-in process will take your permission to action any unpicks without you needing to further contact the Customer Success Team.

Please note: During the SQA and JCQ embargoes, this process will only apply to unpicking scenarios that are NOT covered by the self-serve unpicking ability in weblink.


Examples of unpick scenarios

If you opt in, you will be giving permission for the following decision/reply combinations on all of your courses to be unpicked on your behalf if another provider processes a decision in error:
CF back to CI
CD back to CI
UF back to UI

When does it operate?

The pre-approval unpick process operates from 5th July 2024 until 22nd October 2024.

Opting in (and out)

Please complete the form below to indicate whether you are opting in or out of the process for the 2024 cycle.

If you're not opting in
If you are unable to opt in, please let us know the reason(s), as this will help us with changes to this process in future.