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Introducing UCAS Tracker

On 30 Ausgust 2024, Application and Decision Tracker will be decommissioned and replaced with UCAS Tracker, providing you with an improved user experience and delivering an enhanced perspective of UCAS' data.

If you’re an existing subscriber to the Application and Decision Tracker, the beta version of UCAS Tracker (Enhanced) is now available to you. Check out the enhanced information pack below to see the latest updates.

UCAS Tracker features

UCAS Tracker basic
  • Access to daily updates of your application numbers.
  • A new “days to deadline” filter to give you a clearer understanding of your year-on-year performance.
  • The ability to track against your previous end-of-cycle position.
UCAS Tracker enhanced beta - New

New features not previously available in Application and Decision Tracker

  • Additional benchmarking against tariff group – how do you compare to these competitors? 
  • Understand why your numbers are up or down by drilling in to our Change Drivers visualisation.
  • HECOS Subject Analysis – benchmark your performance against competitors. 
  • A Comprehensive Overview of Your Data -  With customisable tables, detailed geographic insights and dynamic applicant profiling. 
  • Enhanced Decision Analysis – Easily analyse your decision and reply data with enhanced clarity and ease.
UCAS Tracker Enhanced beta - Improved

Improved functionality

  • Improved visualisations of year on year trends covering three cycles.
  • Identify subject areas and demographics of both high and low performance more simply.
  • Customise a data table enabling you to identify your biggest changes in numbers.



Explore the latest UCAS Tracker features

Explore UCAS Tracker basic in full, with our UCAS Tracker Basic pack.

UCAS Tracker basic

Discover the differences between UCAS Tracker Basic and Enhanced with our latest UCAS Tracker Enhanced Pack.

UCAS Tracker enhanced

Your key timings

  1. 15 Jul

    Application and Decision Tracker becomes static.

     Export your data before 30 August.
  2. 26 Jul

    UCAS Tracker becomes static

  3. 30 Aug

    Application and Decision Tracker will be decommissioned.

    Export your data before 30 August.
  4. 18 Sep

    UCAS Tracker reopens for the 2025 cycle.

    Data will update daily

What to expect

  • Application and Decision Tracker and UCAS Tracker will both be available until Summer 2024.

  • From the 2025 cycle, users will only have access to UCAS Tracker: Application and Decision Tracker will not be available.

  • During the 2024 cycle, we will iteratively roll out updates for UCAS Tracker (enhanced). These updates will include new features and improvements.

Please refer to the below PDF for the most up-to-date FAQs:

Frequently asked questions. (883.86 KB)

To access UCAS Tracker please ensure you have registered for an account on UCAS.com/providers.


Useful information

Help shape the development of UCAS Tracker

We will be hosting webinars to provide you with regular updates. 

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Get involved and hear the latest developments of UCAS Tracker. You will also be invited to our regular webinars that run every few weeks.


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