Our work with the policy community

UCAS keeps up to date with changes in education or higher education policy, funding and regulation and understands how these might impact on admission to universities and colleges. This enables us to respond swiftly to change, so that we improve the services we provide to our members, students and their teachers and advisers.

Policy discussion
UCAS consultations

What we do

Policy makers and regulators are also interested in UCAS’ data and analysis. Our data provides the earliest signals each year of the demand for higher education and how institutions are responding. Our analysis provides increasingly sophisticated insight into who applies to higher education and when; what they are aiming to study and where; and who ends up where at the end of each year.

We believe that public policy should be evidence based and as such we aim to be recognised as the authoritative source of intelligence about participation, progression and admission in higher education in the UK.

Who we work with

We work with government departments in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; with qualifications regulators and awarding bodies; with higher education funders and regulators; with academics and charitable bodies; and with the higher education sector’s representative bodies Universities UK, GuildHE and the Association of Colleges.

How we engage

We engage with policy makers, funders and regulators through a variety of means and forums, e.g. UCAS membership of groups and committees; bilateral meetings; giving evidence to Parliamentary and government enquiries; and speaking at events and conferences.

Policy makers can access UCAS data and analysis via our statistics web pages and we also share additional information with stakeholders where appropriate and with the consent of our members.

We regularly submit UCAS data and analysis in response to consultations and enquiries. Read our most recent submissions here.