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UKPASS applications are closing

On Tuesday 5 June, UKPASS will be replaced with the UCAS Postgraduate application management service.

If you’ve started a UKPASS application, you need to complete and send it to us by 18:00 (UK time) on Friday 1 June.

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We've updated our privacy policy

Due to changes in data protection law, we've updated our privacy policy – take a look.

After you send your postgraduate application

Once you’ve submitted your UKPASS application, course providers will review your details and decide if they're going to make you an offer.
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Once we’ve received your application, we’ll send you a welcome email

  • This contains your Personal ID and details of how to access your application summary to follow the progress of your application.
  • Your application will be sent to your chosen course providers online.
  • We'll send you a separate welcome email for each application you make.

The course providers will then consider your application

  • Your chosen providers will consider your application independently and decide if they're going to offer you a place.
  • You may have to attend an interview as part of the selection process.
  • If you're offered a place, you may need to meet certain conditions.
  • Course providers can take as long as they need to consider your application – there are no deadlines. But if you've had your welcome letter for several weeks and not heard from them, you can contact them to find out their current position.

Check your application summary to view university decisions

  • When a course provider records their decision through UKPASS, we'll inform you by email.
  • Sign in to your application summary to view the decision. If you have an offer, you'll need to reply online.
  • After you've accepted a place, contact the provider about any matters relating to your course.
  • We're not involved in selecting students. Course providers make their own decisions – if you'd like feedback about any decisions, please contact them directly.

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