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Tomorrow's UCAS Cornwall exhibition has been cancelled

Due to the weather conditions, we have cancelled the higher education exhibition in Cornwall to be held Monday 19 March.
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Planned maintenance: 16 – 18 March

Due to planned maintenance, the services below will be unavailable from 18:00 on Friday 16 March until 23:59 on Sunday 18 March (UK time):

  • UCAS Undergraduate Apply and Track
  • UCAS Teacher Training Apply, Track, and the search tool
  • UCAS Conservatoires Apply and Track
  • UCAS Postgraduate Apply
During this time, you won’t be able to work on your application, sign in to Track, or use the UCAS Teacher Training search tool.

UCAS Postgraduate: decisions and replies

What decisions could universities make following your application? And how do you reply to any offers you get? Find out here.
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Whenever a university or college notifies us of its decision, we send you an email asking you to look at the change to your application summary.

Universities can take as long as they need to consider your application – there are no deadlines. If you've had your welcome email for several weeks and not heard from them, contact them to find out the current position.

Universities can make the following decisions 

Unconditional offer: the university is offering you a place and is satisfied you have already met all the entry requirements for your programme. If you accept an unconditional offer, the university or college must provide a place.

Conditional offer: the university is offering you a place, but you must meet certain conditions: 

  • If the university gave us the conditions, you'll can see them on your application summary, otherwise contact them for this information.
  • When you've met the conditions, send the university evidence of this, such as notification of your exam results.
  • Your place will then be confirmed and your status will change to 'Unconditional offer accepted'.
  • If you accept a conditional offer and you meet all the conditions, the university must provide a place.

Unsuccessful: the university is unable to offer you a place – it can give a reason with its decision. If no reason is given you can contact them to ask why you were unsuccessful.

Interview: the university wants you to attend an interview before making its decision. Details of the arrangements and/or dates can be provided in your application summary, or the university may contact you direct.

Enrolled decision: you've accepted the university's offer and met its conditions (if any).

Your consumer rights

You should have received specific information from your chosen universities to help you make an informed decision. They're required to make this available to you under consumer protection legislation – find out about the information you should receive.

Replying to your offers

Reply to offers online in your application summary.

You can reply to both unconditional and conditional offers in one of the following two ways.

Accept: you want to accept the offer of a place. You can accept as many offers as you wish, but all your chosen universities can find out about any places you've accepted through UKPASS. To be fair to other applicants, when you've definitely decided which place to take up, inform the university. They will then change the status of your application to 'enrolled' to tell the other unis you won't be taking up any other places.

Decline: you do not want to take up the place.


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