Joseph Larner – UCAS Undergraduate

Joseph Larner from Hertfordshire is just finishing his first year at Nottingham Trent University, studying international relations. He applied directly through Clearing after making the decision he wanted to go to university following the death of his father earlier in the year.

I’d visited Nottingham Trent University before – to see friends – and I loved the city, and knew it was a respectable university to attend.

I made a call to the Clearing office, informed them of my grades, and then they offered me a place as long as my personal statement was sufficient. It was very stress-free and easy.

My advice to other people in my situation this year would be: do it. It’s a leap of faith but come three or four weeks of attending the university, you’ll love it. Don’t let the apprehension of the unknown keep you from coming, the people are lovely and anyone can fit right in.