UCAS comment following the publication of the undertaking with Information Commissioner’s Office.
Posted Wed 8 April 2015 - 14:22

UCAS takes its data protection responsibilities extremely seriously.

We have agreed with the ICO that we will amend the wording on the UCAS application to provide greater clarity to students about the additional information they can choose to receive from us. This will give applicants greater flexibility about information they are sent on other education, careers and health information separately from commercial products and services.

This does not affect the information which applicants receive from UCAS about their higher education applications. Students who opt out of additional mailings will continue to receive everything they need to manage their applications to university as well as information about other course and study opportunities, available via UCAS.

We manage a vital national service without any recourse to the taxpayer and do this by running an efficient operation and by treading a scrupulously careful line in generating additional revenue via our commercial subsidiary, UCAS Media.

UCAS Media offers an in-house marketing service which enables education providers and some commercial partners to reach applicants - but we do not share their personal details externally. The revenue generated is given back to the charity and helps keep down the cost of the application fee – currently £23 for five university choices.

UCAS made it clear last year that it does not sell, disclose or give access to applicants’ personal data for advertising or marketing purposes.



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